Bear Sword (Ursa Major)

A snarling head of a bear forms the main part of this hilt. very detailed, with tongue, teeth and snout. The pommel has two bear claws surrounding a disc with the paw print of a bear in the center of it. Back is flat and textured. Works well on short wide blades. Each sword is hand-made to your specifications, with many options available.

  • Hilt shown from side
  • Hilt shown at 3/4  view
  • Sword shown full length with 24" blade
  • Hilt shown with carnelian eyes
  • Sword shown full length with 24" blade
  • Hilt with dymondwood handle
  • Close up of detailed hilt
  • Bear sword with carnelian eyes and dymondwood handle


  • Image 1
  • Shown with long extended handle of dyed ash.  Man-made alexandrite gemstones in eyes.
  • Shown with extended handle
  • Shown with extended handle. Handle is dyed ash
  • Shown with large blade and extended handle

Contact us to start creating your own Bear Sword (Ursa Major)! Starts at $750.00