Crescent Athame

A simple design with a single crescent. Open pentacle for the pommel. Adaptable for many uses. and can easily use different pommels. Each knife is hand-made to your specifications, with many options available.

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  • Shown with plain black dyed maple handle
  • Shown in hand with 6" blade
  • Shown with plain black dyed handle.


  • Lapis knife with matching Lapis sheath, metal fittings with lapis gems.
  • Shown with lapis handle and sin pommel
  • Shown with painted yellow handle and amethyst egg in pommel
  • This is one of our Crescent hilts with a bronze blade. Yew wood handle is painted blue to match Kyanite gemstone in pommel. Total length 14\
  • Shown with yellow matching sheath and amethyst gemstone
  • dyed pink handle with engraving on hilt
  • Shown with plain black dyed maple handle and matching back leather sheath.

Contact us to start creating your own Crescent Athame! Starts at $195.00