Entwined Dragon Sword (small)

Dragon sword with a twist. Two dragons entwined together form the hilt of this sword, their tails coiling down the bade. The pommel has a dragon coiled around a gemstone biting it's own tail. Gemstones are between the dragons as well. This is a very lightweight hilt which can also be used to create a large dagger. An alternate Entwined Dragon hilt is available for larger sword blades, making this hilt very versatile. Bas price includes 2 gemstones and gemstone sphere.

  • Shown with 28" blade and ebony handle
  • 3/4 view of hilt
  • shown in hand
  • Shown from side
  • 3/4 view of hilt
  • Hilt shown with ebony handle, black onyx gemstones in hilt and snowflake quartz sphere in pommel.


  • Image 1
  • Image 2
  • Matching sheath of ebony with handmade bronze fittings
  • Sword with matching sheath
  • Full length view of sword in custom designed sheath of ebony and bronze.
  • matching dagger with sword
  • sword with matching dagger
  • Sword and knife together with matching sheaths

Contact us to start creating your own Entwined Dragon Sword (small)! Starts at $750.00