Bast Knife

An Egyptian style knife with the goddess Bast represented. The hilt has Bast shown as two cats with their tails intertwined around the gemstones in the center. The Hieroglyph for Bast and Bastet is between them. The blade is large wide and flat. Blade can be made in bronze or steel. (base price does not include gemstones). Each knife is hand-made to your specifications, with many options available.

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  • Knife shown with cedar handle and jasper spacers as well as carnelian gemstones
  • Shown with solid bronze blade, polished
  • shown with cedar handle and carnelian gemstones
  • knife shown with leather sheath (extra)
  • knife shown with cedar handle and lapis gemstones
  • knife and matching sheath
  • Plain ebony handle with moonstones in hilt
  • Plain ebony handle with rainbow moonstone gems
  • Shown with bog oak handle and lapis gems with black leather sheath.
  • Shown with bog oak handle and lapis gems
  • Shown with apple handle (hand cut from our own tree). Lapis gemstones with moonstone gem on top of pommel

Contact us to start creating your own Bast Knife! Starts at $260.00