Solomon Athame Solid Pentacle

Our solomon Athame but with solid pentacles on all 4 sides of discs as well as the pommel. Each knife is hand-made to your specifications, with many options available.

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  • Shown with holly wood handle
  • Image 2
  • Shown with black dymondwood
  • Set of Solomon knives one plain and one with solid pentacles.  No shoulders on the blade and extra disc in center
  • ebony handle and matching ebony sheath with engraving
  • Ebony handle and sheath with engraving
  • Red dymondwood with twisted wire inlay,
  • Pentacle backgrounds painted black.
  • matched set with ebony handles
  • Solid Pentacle Solomon with Holly wood handle dyed red.
  • shown with black horn twisted handle.  Pommel has been replaced with a dragon claw style holding an amethyst egg.

Contact us to start creating your own Solomon Athame Solid Pentacle! Starts at $210.00