Octopus Sword

A one of a kind unique design created for a client. We designed the hilt to be as much like a real octopus as possible. All 8 legs and a feeling of movement. Detailing all of the suckers on the back side as well. There are green onyx eyes for the octopus and rainbow moonstones on the pommel. The handle has a pattern of ripples under the stretched leather. Both the handle and sheath were dyed a blue and green combination. The blade is A2 carbon steel with a full tang and a nut top.1/4" spine at the hilt tapering to 1/16"at the tip. Overall length of 31"

  • Image 1
  • close up of hilt in sheath
  • Image 3
  • Image 4
  • Image 5
  • Image 6
  • back side of hilt
  • Image 8
  • Image 9
  • sword with matching sheath
  • close up of pommel
  • seen from side
  • seen from side
  • Image 14
  • Image 15
  • Image 16


  • Image 1
  • Colored drwing showing full length and sheath
  • Preliminary waxes of hilt and pommel
  • Preliminary waxes showing back side of hilt