Assyrian Dagger

A very unique piece created for a collector. Based on designs of ancient Assyrian traditional knives. Working with our client we created our own personal concept. The overall knife is 47cm long with a 27cm blade. The handle is hand carved from synthetic ivory. The sheath is hand sculpted and cast in bronze. All the bronze fittings and sheath have been plated in 24k gold. The entire piece is adorned with 50 gemstones of lapis, garnet and citrine. The center disc is a representation of the Assyrian flag with a large citrine in the center.

  • Close up of sheath design and gemstones
  • Hilt shown from the side
  • Hilt from top, showing large set garnet cab
  • Knife shown in hand.
  • Close up of hilt. made from synthetic ivory
  • Knife and hilt side by side
  • Knife shown full length.  Blade is A2 carbon tool steel sharpened on both sides.
  • Knife in sheath
  • Knife shown full length
  • Knife fitted into sheath
  • Knife and Sheath shown side by side
Knife and Sheath shown side by side

Knife and Sheath shown side by side

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