Wings of the East

This is a pair of highly customized swords we created for a client. We started with our basic Wing hilt design and then changed everything else. The swords are long and wide, we used our A2 steel and kept the blades light and springy, this also allowed the swords to be held one in each hand. The pommel has a special raised design in the center with arabic calligraphy around the circle. The blades have large wings engraved on both sides as well as latin inscriptions. One wing is white and the other black. For the black wing we used a series of crosshatching to create a texture the white wing was left as simple outline. The end result is a truly powerful work of art..

  • Latin engraving on sword.  Meant to be read when swords are crossed.
  • The swords crossed
  • Engraving of black and white wings, they form a set when placed together.
  • Image 4
  • The pommel is specially sculpted.  The handle is oak. Hilt is silver plated
  • Set of 2 swords meant to be together.
Set of 2 swords meant to be together.

Set of 2 swords meant to be together.

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