Branch Sword Set

A custom set created for use in a wedding. A his and hers set of swords with matching shield and hanger. also 4 of our Branch Bolines as gifts for the Groomsmen. The swords have A2 steel blades, 28" long hand ground and tempered with a mirror polish. The hilts are solid bronze with a dark patina to look like wood. The gemstones are green varicite and purple sugalite, both hand ground and engraved with the engraving picked out in gold. The shield is handcrafted steel with leather straps. We designed and painted the front with examples provided by the couple. A special wall hanger was designed to hold the shield and allow the swords to be inserted easily.

  • Shown in hand for scale
  • Image 2
  • hilt close up
  • Both swords full length
  • Hand carved gemstones in each sword both sides
  • Single sword shown full length
  • Pair of matched swords with solid bronze hilts
  • opposite side of sword hilts
  • complete set including matching knives
  • Swords and shield
Swords and shield

Swords and shield


  • Hand painted shield made from steel with leather straps.
  • Swords inserted into the hanger
  • Hanger designed to hold shield and swords
  • Set of Branch Bolines
  • Set of Bolines with matching sheaths
  • Concept drawing for shield
  • Concept drawing for swords
  • Concept drawing for swords
  • Wax sculpt shown in hand
  • Wax sculpt for the sword and bolines

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