Qabalah Sword

A custom Sword designed to incorporate the Qabalistic Tree of Life. We were given very precise details for size, materials and layout by our client. The handle is black walnut with a quartz sphere mounted free floating in the pommel. The handle itself gets wrapped by the group. The crosspiece has black tourmaline and smokey moonstone gems. The blade is stainless steel with engraved pathways connecting a citrine, amethyst and tigers eye gemstone. The edges of the blade are engraved to represent the black and white pillars. A truly one of a kind work of art.

  • Full length backside with engraving
  • Shown full length of 36"
  • Image 3
  • Sighting down the blade
  • Natural quartz crystal mounted in handle.  Can move and rotate freely
  • Image 6
  • Blade engraved with pathways.  Gemstones individually mounted then set
  • Sword of The Qabalah
  • The Sword of The Qabalah
  • Shown in hand
  • Hilt from front.  2 rivets hold hilt firmly.  Handle will be cord wrapped by client.
  • Shown from side with quartz crystal
Shown from side with quartz crystal

Shown from side with quartz crystal


  • Design sketch
  • Marking out the steel.
  • In progress
  • In Progress

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