Boreal Heart Athame

Our client gave us a list of images and ideas that were important to their group. Trees and the forest played a big part, Bur oak, cedar, pine, antlers etc. We worked through several concepts adding some combining. The final result is stunning! The knife is small but solid. The balance is excellent and it moves easily. All sittings are cast and polished bronze. The handle is recycled ebony. Genstone is garnet.

  • Shown in hand for scale
  • shown feom side/back
  • Shown from side/frony
  • Side view
  • End of pomel has image of a skull
  • End of pommel has an image of a skull
  • Back side showing pine and cedar branches
  • Front of knife showing bur oak, and pine
  • Image 9
  • Image 10


  • waxes before casting
  • waxes before casting
  • Image 3

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