Cat Cane

The perfect cane for any cat lover. A domestic house cat lies on a tree, their tail casually wrapping around a branch. Cane head is solid bronze and is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand. ( shown with gemstone eyes and engraving which are extras.)

  • shown full length on black walnut
  • shown 3/4
  • shown from the back
  • shown at 3/4
  • shown from front with sapphire eyes
  • shown from side
  • shown with peridot eyes
  • shown from side
shown from side

shown from side


  • shown with peridot eyes from the side
  • Original wax sculpt of the Cat Cane.
  • two canes both with black walnut shafts.  One has green peridot eyes, the other blue sapphire

Contact us to start creating your own Cat Cane! Starts at $325.00