Golden Crown

A custom Ureaus Crown. Created using sheet and lost wax cast bronze. The band is hand engraved, lined in blak lambskin and has a small hook at the front to allow changes in size. Everything is plated in 24ct gold. There is an opal in the front, two star rubies to either side and a star sapphire in the back. The snakes hood is inlaid with lapis and jade and there are two citrines in the eyes. A custom case was made to hold the Crown. Made from oak and lined with black velvet.

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  • seen from side
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  • seen from the side
seen from the side

seen from the side


  • Shown with Golden Spear.
  • Two sides hooked together forming comfortable band.
  • inside lined with black lambskin.  Hook can be seen to attach to bars.
  • 3 bars blended into body of snake allow for hook to resize band.

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