Egyptian Knife

A custom piece created for a client. Based on the design of a dagger of Tutankhamen. We expanded some elements, added others. Working with the client to get the knife they envisioned. Everything is sculpted by hand and cast in bronze. The handle has lapis lazuli between bronze designs. The gemstones are carnelian and jasper. The sheath is lined with black lambskin.

  • Solid bronze blade with engraving
  • Fitted into sheath
  • Black lambskin inside sheath
  • loops for secure belt added to back
  • End cap with scarab and carnelian
  • Image 6
  • Lapis lazuli in the handle
  • Shown fit in hand
  • Knife and matching sheath
Knife and matching sheath

Knife and matching sheath


  • Final color art for client.
  • Finished wax sculpted and ready for casting.