The Blue Sapphire Sword

A very unique sword. A one of a kind custom creation designed based on a clients concepts and ideas. The sword is large and powerful. different elements were brought together, angles, plains, spikes and discs. Everything was designed to come together and be more than the some of their parts and become a functioning sword. The blade is hand ground A2 steel. The hilt and pommel are ccast bronze with silver plate. The hilt is large and wide but cast hollow to reduce weight. The handle has wrapped chains incorporated into the castings and a blue leather grip. A blue faceted sapphire is mounted in the center on the front. Over all length: 44.5" Blade length: 33" Hilt width: 11" Sapphire: 10mm Weight:7 Lbs, balance 2" from grip.

  • Image 1
  • Image 2
  • Image 3
  • Hilt with Blue sapphire
  • Image 5
  • Image 6
  • Back Side
  • Shown from side
  • Shown in hand for scale
  • shown full length
  • Image 11

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