Koi Cutlass

A one of a kind creation for a Pirate Captain! We designed and created this amazing cutlass based on the ideas and description given to us by the client. The elements were Koi fish and a Terrapin turtle incorporated into the hilt. We went through several designs always bringing input from the client and working it into new designs. The final result has two Koi swimming around a pond of water at the blade with the turtle on the pommel. The handle is composite Lapis Lazuli with bronze wire inlay. The blade is a swept fantasy style 24" long with serrations near the tip. Engraving was added of a koi and turtle on either side of the blade. The tang is 3/4" through the handle bolted and peened at the top. The sheath is oak with a lambskin cover tooled with fish scales down the entire length and dyed to match the handle. The fittings on the sheath are bronze with a lapis lazuli carved with a learning skull at the throat.

  • Full length sword
  • hilt and engraving
  • Side view of cup showing water and fins flowing together
  • side view of cup hilt
  • close up of turtle on pommel
  • Side view of hilt
  • Inside cup hilt
  • Hand fitting inside cup hilt
  • Image 9
  • Shown with matching sheath
  • Shown i matching sheath
  • Image 12


  • Under construction
  • Preliminary design sketch