Uraeus Crown with Gold and Gems

A custom/customized Uraeus Crown created to a clients request. The serpent has 6 faceted gemstones in the hood, 2 lab created rubies, 2 lab created sapphires and 2 natural emeralds. The band is bronze with the serpent engraved to appear as a continuation of the head and go all the way around back to the front. There is a split and tie at the back to allow for sizing. The star, pentacles and hexagram are hand cut from bronze. The front star has a natural opal mounted in the center. Everything is plated in gold with a soft leather lining on the inside of the band.

  • Seen from the top
  • Seen from the front
  • Seen from the back
  • Image 4
  • Seen from the side
  • Image 6
  • Image 7

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