Cutlass (1804 Standard, British Navy)

We created this cutlass as faithful to the originals as possible and It is really exciting to create something and feel it as those in history felt it! The blade as shown is made from from 5160 spring steel, 28" long 1.5" wide at the hilt. It is springy and flexible like a filet knife but strong on the cut and thrust. It has a distal taper with the spine 1/4" at the hilt tapering to a sharpened back edge at the tip. Total weight is 2.75 lbs, similar to the originals, with a balance point 3.25" from hilt. Handle and hilt are all steel, This was done to prevent wear and tear at sea. The design is sometimes called the Figure Eight style. The tang is solid and 3/4" wide inside the hilt then peened at the end. The hilt is painted black as the originals to prevent rusting. We also have a hardened leather sheath with brass hook. Meant to be slipped into the belt and hooked at the front. Everything is made to order. Blade length and width were often varied in history.

  • Image 1
  • End of hilt showing peened tang.
  • Shown from front, note spine of blade and figure 8 cup style.
  • Shown full length.
  • Hilt , slot for wrist lanyard can be seen.
  • Showing peened end of hilt
  • Looking down spine of blade showing distal taper.
  • Image 8
  • Showing back of cup with rounded knuckle guard.
  • Image 10
  • Shown in hand
  • Image 12


  • Optional sheath with brass hook.
  • Optional hardened leather sheath with belt hook

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