Wyvern Dragon Sword

A stylized dragon hilt. Shaped and styled more like a basket hilt, open and airy. The dragon arches its neck over your hand with gemstones in the eyes, it's tail wraps down the blade. The pommel is a dragon claw with 5 gemstones around it's base. Gemstones in eyes and pommel are included.

  • Shown in hand
  • back side showing inside of basket
  • Front side showing outside of basket
  • Image 4
  • Hilt with garnets in pommel and eyes
  • Full length view. long 36" blade narrows to a needle point
  • Elegant flowing lines, from hilt to tip
  • Beautiful flowing basket with tail wrapping down blade.  Handle is a deep burgundy with garnet gemstones in the hilt.
Shown in hand

Shown in hand


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  • Image 3
  • Image 4

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