Bast Knife

A knife with a bronze blade and egyptian-inspired aesthetic

Bast, or Bastet, is the renowned ancient Egyptian goddess of protection and fertility. We made this knife to be a singular piece of treasure, fit to honor the goddess herself!

The hilt is formed from two cats, symbolizing the fearsome cat-goddess. The shape of the bronze blade and handle were inspired by Egyptian artifacts, particularly knives found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb. The handle is aromatic cedar inlaid with bronze. The knife has two bezel-set lapis lazuli stones on either side of the hilt and a large carnelian stone in the pommel, both of which were gemstones prized by the ancient Egyptians. All fittings are solid cast bronze, and the blade is also bronze with a full tang.

The sculpting of this knife was a collaboration between Rowan and Gary, and it has some delightful small details! The name of the goddess is inscribed in hieroglyphics on the pediment on both sides of the hilt. The cats themselves wear delicate collars with scarab beetle decoration, and even have a single tiny sculpted earring in their ear!

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