Bronze Age Sickle

We based this sickle on the design of Bronze Age socketed sickles, found on archaeological sites across Europe. Usually when we make pieces inspired by the Bronze Age we have to guess about the design of the handle, since wood elements decompose long before the bronze artifacts themselves. However, for this sickle we were lucky. We were able to base the handle design on the Shinewater Park Sickle, a beautifully preserved Bronze Age Sickle that was found in a bog with its handle still intact.

The handle of this sickle is maple, the same as the Shinewater Park sickle. It has been solidly riveted to the blade. It comes with a leather sheath, which allows it to be comfortably worn. Just like its predecessors in the Bronze Age, it is a sturdy and utilitarian sickle that will last a lifetime. It might even last a few thousand years if you lose it in a bog.

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