Fairy Dance Sword

Sometimes all the details of a sword come together perfectly to make something that is like an enchanted piece of treasure from a fairy tale. We call this sword “Fairy Dance” because the hilt features two winged fairies dancing around a toadstool. Another toadstool graces the top of the handle as a pommel. It is an incredible showcase of Gary’s sculpting ability.

This sword has some incredible details. There is a faceted purple amethyst on both sides of the hilt. The sword has a full fitted scabbard made from leather over a wooden core, matching the leather handle. Gary tooled beautiful organic spirals into both the sheath and the handle, and picked them out with a lighter color of green to add depth. The sheath also has a bronze chape on the end and bronze rings to hang the sword from. The blade is high-carbon steel. Notice the gently tapered leaf-shape of the blade. The blade is 27 inches long, and the total length of the whole sword is 35 inches.

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