Gnome Cane

The head of this cane is shaped like an old gnome or elf. His wizened face is extremely detailed, with a wise and slightly amused expression. His pointed hat sweeps backwards to form a comfortable rest for your hand. The shaft is oak with a bronze tip. The cane in 38 inches long and weighs about 2 pounds. We can shorten our canes on request.

Our canes are works of art. They are strong and entirely functional, but we don’t recommend them as a replacement for a mobility device. If you need a gorgeous fashion statement or an occasional fancy alternative to your regular cane, then this cane might be for you. But if you need a cane to get around on a daily basis, we recommend you get a medical grade cane that has been properly fitted to you.

Price$325Shipping $40

Shipping is for United States domestic delivery only. For international orders, please contact us.