Medusa Mirror

The back of this mirror features the grinning face of the gorgon Medusa. With her terrifying appearance and ability to turn people to stone with her gaze, Medusa was an ancient symbol of protection. You are safe to gaze at your reflection as much as you want in this mirror, knowing Medusa is ready to turn aside any curses or unwanted attention that might come your way.

We based this piece off of an ancient Greek artifact dating from 500–480 BCE, which is now housed in the Getty Museum. The original mirror was made in two pieces and the back was repoussé. We’ve made our mirror out of solid cast bronze instead, and sculpted it to match the original as closely as possible. The handle is made of olive. The face of the mirror is polished to perfection and slightly convex to create a larger, sharper reflection. It is 6 inches in diameter.

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