Owl Sword

An owl glides through the air on silent wings to form the hilt of this sword, its talons outstretched and ready to strike. The pommel is a winter tree, bare of leaves. The level of detail in the sculpting of the bronze owl and tree are truly incredible.

This sword has some lovely details that make it something really special. Two moonstones are set into each side of the pommel, framed in the branches like the moon. We set the moonstones in such a way that light can shine directly through both of them. The handle is made out of olive wood, carved into an intricate spiral. We chose olive for this piece because both olive trees and owls are sacred symbols of the goddess Athena, so combining them seemed appropriate. The blade is carbon steel and features a fuller down its length, giving the sword a lovely balance. Gary also made a sheath for this sword, which is made from leather molded over a wooded core with bronze fittings.

The sword in 36 inches long, and weighs approximately 2 pounds 12 ounces.

Price$1300Shipping $50

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