Scottish Dirk

Featuring a long single-edged blade and unique handle shape, the dirk is the quintessential weapon of the Scottish Highlands. This dirk was inspired by 18th century examples found in the National Museum of Scotland. Gary sculpted detailed knotwork designs on the bronze hilt and pommel. He then carved the walnut wood handle with a complex woven pattern and covered it with brass studs, creating a handle that is reminiscent of a thistle.

The dirk has a fitted sheath made from wood covered in leather, with bronze fittings. Two bronze loops on the back of the sheath allow it to be hung from a belt. The blade is high-carbon steel. It is fully-edged on one side and partially-edged on the other side, with decorative “jimping” on the area that isn’t edged. The blade is 11 inches long. The total length of the knife is 17 inches without the sheath, and about 19 inches with the sheath.

Here at Omega Artworks, we are proud of every piece that we make, and we think everything we make is a work of art. But this knife really goes above an beyond that. All the details come together to create something that is just a joy to hold and look at. It’s is truly a masterpiece.

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