Sunflower Sword

This sword is Gemma’s first foray into the world of sword design. Gemma wanted to break away from the classic cross-hilt style of sword, and so sculpted a hilt with a more rounded appearance, similar to a gladius or jian.

It features two large sunflowers as the hilt, with two sunflower leaves as the pommel. The handle is made from dark walnut wood, carved with a repeating twist meant to evoke the spiraling seeds at the center of the sunflower. The blade is high-carbon steel, with a subtle leaf or petal shape to the blade. The bronze leaf pommel and the petals in the hilt are finely polished bronze, but we gave the center of the flower a rich brown patina. This sword has a 20 inch blade, with a length of 28 inches overall .

Price$1100Shipping $50

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