Custom Canes and Walking Sticks

A custom cane or walking stick is a very special item. Whether you are using it for medical reasons or as a fashion accessory. A cane is something that you will hold in your hand and carry with you, sometimes for long periods of time. Careful consideration must be taken in it's design to ensure that it fits comfortably in the hand, moves easily and naturally and has the strength to offer support when necessary.

The Head and Tip:

The most unique feature of any cane or walking stick is the head. It is the decorative element, the artwork, that makes a statement about you, and is the part of your cane that needs to fit your hand. Our heads and tips are made in solid bronze using the lost wax casting method. We offer a variety of standard cane head styles for you to choose from. Each cane head is sculpted individually by hand so minor changes can always be made to suit your needs. Of course nothing makes your cane as unique as having the head custom designed just for you. We will gladly work with you to design and sculpt a cane head. From preliminary drawings to photos of the wax, and to the final product, we do our best to keep you engaged in the entire design experience.

The Shaft:

The shaft or body of a custom cane is always carved and shaped by hand, and the length is custom tailored to your height and hand position. We can use any number of materials, although wood is the most common. We use domestic and exotic woods — from basic oak, maple or ash to more exotic woods such as ebony or rosewood. One of the woods we like to use is called “Dymondwood™” Dymondwood™ is created from thin layers of natural American hardwoods. Resins and dyes are embedded in the wood under an extreme heat and pressure process to create a unique enhanced wood with many bright color combinations. Dymondwood is extremely strong but is also very dense. As a result, it is heavier then standard domestic woods.See our selection of synthetic and Dymondwood handle options.

Dymondwood™ is a registered trademark of Rutland Plywood.

Sword Canes:

A sword cane, though very popular in the movies, is actually an extremely deadly weapon and is considered a concealed weapon all across the United States and many other countries — and is highly illegal. We make swords and we make canes but we do not make sword canes.

Placing a Custom Cane Order

The first step in placing your order for a custom cane from Omega Artworks is to review our construction techniques and design catalog to figure out what you want. Look at our shaft materials and decide whether you're interested in plating, engraving, or other specialized touches to make your cane unique.

Once you have a good idea of what you're looking to have made, contact us via email or give us a call at 651-503-0273 to let us know what you're interested in. We'll work with you to refine your concept so you can get exactly the cane you want.

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