Commissioning Custom Knives and Daggers

The knife is probably among the oldest tools. It is a tool that just about everyone still uses everyday. There are many styles and types of knives in the world and many custom knife makers, each one specializing in a specific style or use. Our specialty is in custom design. The overall look and feel of your knife or dagger. Our knives are unique &mdash you can tell just by looking at them. Each one has been conceived, designed and created by Gary and Suzy Zahradka. We work closely with you during the design process whether we're creating a custom knife based on our catalog designs or creating an entirely new and unique knife just for you. Yet there is more than beauty and design to our custom knives. We use the best materials — bronze and carbon steel — to make sure that our custom knives have the strength needed to last a lifetime, and we put it all together so it feels good in your hand. If you want a unique knife — a beautiful custom knife — contact us and we will work together to create it.

The Cross-guard and Pommel:

The most visible aspect of a knife is the cross-guard and pommel. It makes a statement. It is the personality of the knife. It is also the part which is in contact with your hand and must fit and feel comfortable. Our cross-guards and pommels are cast in solid bronze using the lost wax method. The lost wax method ensures the best possible detail on every piece, and the bronze offers a durability and strength needed in a knife hilt. We offer many beautiful knife hilt styles as part of our standard knives, each conceived, designed and created by Omega Artworks. Every part is sculpted individually by hand so minor changes can be made to suit your hand. Of course, you may have something in mind that is totally unique — and in that case we will gladly work with you to design and sculpt a custom knife hilt to your specifications. From preliminary drawings, to photos of the wax, and to the final product, we do our best to keep you engaged in the design process, to create a truly unique custom knife.

Blades and Steel:

There are many reasons to own a knife. Knives are a basic tool that we use every day. We use them in cooking, crafts, and camping, just to name a few. The blade is usually seen as the business end of a knife — the part that will do the work. There are many custom knife makers around who make excellent tools with blades that function well. We work not to make a blade that merely functions well but also a blade that is beautiful. A blade that, when combined with the hilt, creates a unique work of art. This is done without compromising the integrity of the blade in any way. When we create a blade for a custom knife we consider not only how it will work as a tool but how it will look. We work the steel so that it is not just a bunch of parts stuck together but a completed work of art that flows, has symmetry, and has visual as well as physical balance.

Sheaths & Hangers

A sheath, though not necessary, can help to protect not just the knife blade but the owner of the blade from damage. We can make hard sheaths that match or compliment your knife's handle or we can make leather sheaths for any of our custom knives. Because all of our knives are custom made, no two blades are exactly alike, so each sheath must be custom made to fit the individual blade.

Placing a Custom Knife Order

The first step in placing your order for a custom knife from Omega Artworks is to review our construction techniques and design catalog to figure out what you want. Look at our handle materials, decide whether you're interested in plating, engraving, or other specialized touches to make your knife your own.

Once you have a good idea of what you're looking to have made, contact us via email or give us a call at 651-503-0273 to let us know what you're interested in. We'll work with you to refine your concept so you can get exactly the knife you want.

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