Key of Solomon White Knife

Based on the drawings in the "Greater Key of Solomon" translated by MacGregor Mathers. This is the White Knife used for all operations except circle making. Fittings are solid bronze and the handle can be white bone or holly wood. Companion to the Black Knife. Each knife is hand-made to your specifications, with many options available.

  • bone with gold leaf in hand
  • Image 2
  • Image 3
  • Image 4
  • bone handle with gold leaf
  • holly handle
  • shown from top
  • back side of knife
  • white knife shown with holly handle
  • bone with gold leaf
  • top view bone handle
top view bone handle

top view bone handle


  • set of tools
  • Image 2
  • White knife shown with alternate engraving requested by client
  • Shown with double edged dagger blade
  • Black and White Knives shown with matching sword
  • black and white set done with holly handles.  Black knife has been dyed
  • Set of black and white knives with custom holly wood case. Both knives have holly handles with the black knife dyed black.

Contact us to start creating your own Key of Solomon White Knife! Starts at $310.00