Masonic Skull Knife

Created as a special request by one of our customers, we have included it as one of our stock items. Similar to our Skull and Cross bone knife but with thinner and more elegant bones. The Masonic symbols of the Square and Compass adorn the center area. Each knife is hand-made to your specifications, with many options available.

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  • Shown in hand
  • Shown from side
  • Shown from back
  • hilt from front
  • Image 9


  • Image 1
  • Image 2
  • Same hilt but with a bronze sickle blade and Masonic symbols removed. Ebony handle with wire inlay
  • Shown with flame blade and handle of synthetic black mother of pearl.
  • Shown with matching sword

Contact us to start creating your own Masonic Skull Knife! Starts at $340.00