A simple but elegant knife for use at the alter or in the garden. Curved blade and curved handle fits very comfortably in the hand. Shown with holly but you may choose your own wood and blade length. Each knife is hand-made to your specifications, with many options available.

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  • Boline shown with cherry handle.  Hand varved with a swirled end and pentacles carved on both sides.  Additions added around $30 to the price.
  • boline with holly handle and curled end
  • Boline with holly handle and curled end on handle
  • boline in matching sheath
  • boline shown with matching sheath( extra)
  • holly boline with curled handle and sheath
  • boline in sheath
  • Boline with oak handle no curl and engraving.

Contact us to start creating your own Boline! Starts at $310.00