Owl Knife

A beautifully sculpted realistic owl forms the crosspiece of this knife. Wings spread wide and talons forward ready to strike. The pommel has the image of a barren tree against the full moon, the tree the owl calls home. Each knife is hand-made to your specifications, with many options available.

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  • Silver plating adds extra to the cost.
  • Large handle and blade shown in hand for commparison
  • shown with large blade and handle. silver plating added at extra charge
  • shown with 9" blade and 5.5" handle of Italian olive wood
  • Owl knife with shorter blade,  amber gems placed in the branches of the tree in the pommel,  engraving on blade and an ash handle dyed black.
  • Black leather sheath for owl knife
  • Back of sheath showing area for tail to fit through.
  • Owl knife with large 10" blade and 4.5" handle made from zebra wood

Contact us to start creating your own Owl Knife! Starts at $340.00