Brool from Darkslayer

We worked with Author Craig Halloran to bring his imagination to life. This is the war ax "Brool" from his "Darkslayer" series. We have drawn up full size renderings and the ax is currently under construction.

  • Brool full length
  • We used a leather katana wrap for the handle grips
  • handle wrap
  • Brool positioned on display stand
  • Brool on stand
  • Stand from side showing heavy duty clamp
  • Brool blade head from side
  • Leather sheaths on blade heads
  • Brool using the small spike
  • Brool blades and large spike
  • Blades and spike
  • Full length Brool
  • Brool!



  • detail of head
  • Full size color rendering
  • Series of drawings and sketches created during the design process.
  • The oversized used guitar case we used to transport Brool
  • The case was gutted and redone in foam and red velvet to hold all the parts
  • Here you can see all the parts, sheaths, spikes and stand
  • We reworked a light stand with new parts to be able to display Brool
  • The stand fully extended
  • Sheaths created to fit over blades on either side and buckle in the center.  Little pouches are on the front to hold the different size spikes as needed.
  • The basic parts used for Brool.  A2 steel, and ash wood
  • Gary holding Brool when the parts were first assembled
  • Brool in progress