Survival Machete

A special custom machete. We were asked by the client to create a machete and add all the survival tricks into it we could. It was meant as a retirement gift and though it will be on display probably more than in the wild bush we made sure it would be at home in either. The blade is our A2 steel all hand ground including the saw blade on the spine. The blade has an 18" ruler and several hex wrenches cut into it as well as a good old bottle opener. The handle is oak and contains a watertight compartment with matches, chord and fishing lure. The pommel has an oil compass as well as a removable 5x magnifying glass. The sheath is oak (because that saw blade is sharp!) with a leather covering.

  • handle side view
  • Image 2
  • close up of blade showing engraving
  • handle and sheath with bone closure
  • end of handle showing oil compass
  • machete in sheath full length
  • Image 7
  • full length machete. blade 24"
  • close up of handle
  • Inside waterproof compartment
  • full length side by side
  • full length machete and sheath
full length machete and sheath

full length machete and sheath


  • Instructions for the machete
  • original sketch of concept