Dragon's Fire

This is one of those times where a client has a really great concept that they bring to us, we add ideas creativity and expertise and together we create a truly remarkable work of art. The sword is Has a 32" A2 steel blade with full tang. The design of the flames was hand sculpted into the steel on both sides. The Dragons head hilt is cast in bronze with marquise rubies for the eyes. A very unique design allows it to cup and protect the hand. The handle is hard maple with hand tooled leather creating the body of the dragon. The sheath is hand carved oak covered in tooled leather and repeats the flames seen on the blade in brilliant color. It is a large sword with a total length of 48" and a weight of aprox. 6lbs.

  • Image 1
  • Image 2
  • Carved wood and leather tooling create the flames on both sides of the sheath
  • Bronze drag on sheath with flames repeated in the design.
  • back side of handle
  • handle from side
  • Shows how hand fits into hilt
  • Hand tooled leather handle with dragon scales
  • The shape of the hilt has the dragon holding the flaming blade in his jaws.
  • Image 10
  • shown in sheath
  • flames are hand cut into the steel
  • Image 13
  • Image 14
  • Image 15
  • Image 16
  • Image 17
  • Image 18
  • Image 19


  • Artwork and design concepts
  • clase up of blade a2 steel, hand cut and polished
  • close up detail of marquise cut man made ruby
  • detail of tooled sheepskin leather handle
  • preliminary wax for the hilt of Dragon's Fire
  • First version of wax for hilt.  Trying to get the horns right.