Star Trek Discovery "Sword of the Emperor"

Created for the CBS show "Star Trek Discovery" We worked from and improved on plans supplied by the studio. The pommel and crosspiece are hollow bronze castings. The handle is carved wood with red lambskin inset with bronze banding. The blade is hand ground aluminum for stunt fighting but with a mirror polish. The sheath is hand carved wood with bronze inlay. This is a copyrighted piece and we will not make any reproductions.

  • Sword shown in sheath.
  • Close up of hilt fitted into sheath.
  • Back side of hilt
  • Hand fit on hilt
  • Looking down the blade.
  • Hilt shown from side
  • Hilt shown in smaller hand
  • Front of hilt
  • Sword and sheath. Inside of sheath has red lambskin
  • Hilt detail
  • Hilt Detail
  • Sword of The Emperor
Sword of The Emperor

Sword of The Emperor


  • Original design poly mock up.  This was done in resin.  The back swept hilt and long handle were too awkward for the stunt fighting.
  • original waxes, hand sculpted. to be cast in bronze.
  • Michelle Yeoh on set of Star Trek Discovery with the sword.