Black Dragon Sword

A one of a kind custom sword. We worked with the client going over multiple designs. Twin dragons form the hilt that then flow up the hand carved ebony handle and twist into the pommel. The bronze is blackened with brushed highlights and ruby eyes. The pommel has a carved ebony disc on both sides. The blade is A2 carbon steel with a full tang peened past the pommel. The wide spikes reflect the shape of the hilt. We designed a simple leather sheath but included design elements that reflected those in the sword.

  • Image 1
  • Image 2
  • Shown in hand for scale
  • hilt shown from side
  • shown with sheath
  • full sword in sheath
  • full sword with sheath
  • full sword in sheath
  • hilt close up
  • full length sword
  • Full hilt
  • Image 12


  • Sword shown with full scale plan.  Changes were made to the length of the hilt by the client in the finished version.