“She Came from the River” Sculpture

Every spring, female common snapping turtles leave their watery homes in order to lay their eggs on dry land. They can show up in unexpected places, crossing busy roads or digging their nests in a suburban front lawn. In this sculpture, Rowan wanted to evoke the feeling of unexpectedly encountering one of these ancient giants on land. Coming across an adult snapping turtle when you least expect it can be a frightening experience, but it also can also have a strong feeling of meeting another individual. As though the turtle is another person like you, busy with their own journey.

This sculpture is the size of a large real-life turtle— the shell alone is about 11 inches long. Rowan drew heavily from scientific illustrations and skeletal examples to create an accurate sculpture that is still an expressive work of art. It is meticulously sculpted, right down to every last fold of scaly turtle skin.

If you are interested in ordering “She Came From the River,” editions are still available. Contact us for details!